Ep 143: SUPER Saturday (Inexpensive, Productive, Quality time)



When your weekdays are hectic, and you may, unfortunately, live for the weekend, having a Saturday that's empty is awesome! But, you know it's also time for you to spend with family, catch up on your business items, and if you're lucky to do something for you. Maybe, I'm just talking to myself, but this happens to me often. Well, on one particular recent Saturday, I had the best version of the day possible. I was able to hit all the aspects of my life and do it in an inexpensive way...BONUS!

In this episode, you'll learn...

  • How to hit multiple life aspects at one time

  • How to strategically leverage FREE events to maximize time and save dollars

  • How to build excitement with your kids and therefore buy some "productive time"

This past Saturday was an awesome day. And I say it was awesome because I feel like I hit on just every cylinder. And what I mean by that is I got a chance to spend some amazing time with my girls, some wonderful time with my hubby, I got a good amount of work done. Like I just felt productive and I even slipped in some time for me. It wasn't a whole lot of time for me, but it was a good amount of time. So let me tell you what happened. On Saturday, I had it marked on my calendar that it was the zoo free day. In the Milwaukee County zoo, they have a free day during certain months of the year. I had this marked on my calendar and I know that my little one Lorianne had been asking me for months. Since the summer, "Mom, can we go to the zoo? I want to go to the zoo, can you take me to the zoo?" And so finally I'm thinking, "Okay, the zoo free day is coming up. We're going to go." And so we did just that. We went to the zoo and first, it was just going to be me and the girls. My husband didn't want to go. I actually bribed him with food and got a chance to get him to come along with us. So we all went to the zoo and on Saturday it was cold outside. I don't remember the exact temperature, maybe it was in the forties, maybe in the low fifties, it was cold outside. So we had on hats and gloves and jackets and it was fantastic and we got ourselves parked.

We went into the zoo. There was no line. In fact, as we were pulling up, my husband said to me, "Are you sure you even have the right day?" Because generally on a zoo free day it is packed. There are people everywhere but not on a cold day. Like this day that we supposed to go on. So we got in there, we just walked right in. We were able to push through. We didn't even have to push, we were able to look at all the exhibits and piece and take pictures outside and still not be freezing and just have great conversations, laughs, pictures and all this good stuff. And so after we went to the zoo, we went and got something to eat. We went to eat at a place that we don't normally eat and it wasn't crowded. It was a fantastic time to sit down and eat with the family and just all this good stuff. Then we finally made our way home and the kids kind of went and did their thing. My husband and I did our thing and then later even everybody just sort of broke apart and had their own time.

The fantastic thing about this Saturday was like I mentioned, I had gotten to hit on all the different cylinders. So spending time with my family is one of the things that I like to do on the weekend. I mean, I like to do it every day of the week but let's be honest, when you're working a full-time job, you're a mom, you're a wife, you are building a business, the honest truth is there isn't always a whole lot of time to just sit down and be a family and do quality things together. So the fact that we got to do all this and it was super efficient was fabulous. So there are a few things that I think you should think about when it comes to trying to make sure you hit on multiple life aspects at the same time. Really be efficient with your time. Here's what I think you should think about.

  • The first thing is, as much as you can, do activities that involve not only you but your spouse involved and get your kids involved, you can kinda hit all of them at the same time.

  • Second, you can create some time for yourself if you choose to do activities around a certain time of day, a certain season, depending on what your activity was. So for us going to the zoo free day in November versus going to the zoo, free day in let's say April or something, a slightly warmer month meant we were going to get in faster. We were going to see things & we were going to be able to move around without the delays of fighting with other people.

  • Now the other thing is if you're anything like me and I do consider myself fairly frugal, if I can save money on my particular outing, that also means I have plenty of money to go and spend an on their future outings. In this case, it was a free day at the zoo. So you cannot beat it.

Now when you think about that piece of having time for yourself in this day, hitting on all the different life aspects. You've got your family, you've got the time for your business, you've got the time for yourself. So when you think about the time for yourself, one of the things I did is I told the girls that we were going to take them for a surprise. "Okay, we've got a surprise for you. We're not going to tell you what it is, not going to tell you at all. So you need to make sure that you're prepared for the surprise. So you go and do your thing and when it's time for this surprise, I'm going to let you know. But you've got to make sure you are on your best behavior, your room is clean like you're ready to go."

When you're working a full-time job, you're a mom, you're a wife, you are building a business, the honest truth is there isn't always a whole lot of time to just sit down and be a family and do quality things together. (Click to tweet)
Few things that I think you should think about when it comes to trying to make sure you hit on multiple life aspects at the same time. (Click to tweet)

So me keeping that secret of a surprise, and this sounds kind of mischievous, but keeping that secret of a surprise and almost holding that as a carrot in front of them bought me some time to do some work for my business and to just get a little bit of time for myself because the girls knew. "All right, we're waiting on a surprise. Let us go and do something else." Like we know something big is coming so we're going to go off and play by ourselves. So there are lots of different ways to hit on the different aspects. When you need to be productive in your business, you need to get some quality time with the family, you want to do things that are inexpensive, you can make it happen. Just be strategic about how you do it.


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