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Ep 138: He's helping the overly AMBITIOUS inject a little bit of REALISM into their lives



Do you imagine yourself blazing trails, setting new paths, taking over the industry, being unstoppable? I realize I sound a little like an old western film mixed with a Marvel new release, but this is a real feeling. Especially if you consider yourself "ambitious." I certainly throw myself into this category and I'm sure you're in too or you wouldn't care to pay attention to my content on the regular.

Is it possible to be too ambitious, or perhaps so ambitious that we lose sight of realities we should pay attention to?

My guest, Ben Chai, multiple 7 figure business owner, worldwide educator and speaker would absolutely say "YES!" we have to balance out that ambition a bit. He's even gone so far as to say, "Introduce a bit of negativity!" If you're thinking..."Wait... what? Put the car in reverse." So was I. There's something to traveling the ambitious path, especially as we're building our business, that we should be conscious and plan for unemotionally.

In this episode, you'll learn...

  • The journey of blossoming into owning 7-figure businesses

  • The things we miss out on when our ambition has blinders

  • How introducing negativity could help you grow as an entrepreneur

Ben Chai, the Dr. Who of business, is an entrepreneur who has created 7-figure businesses in multiple disciplines including technology, cyber-security, training, education, hospitality, media content creation, and property. Today his main focus is in helping people reach their own financial freedom through education, coaching, and social media channels. From a media and worldwide perspective, Ben has taught hundreds of thousands in over 70 countries. His stage education is backed by a variety of books, television and radio shows including the BBC’s reality property show where Ben was filmed as the main character. In the last two months, Ben’s TEDx talk – “social magnetism” on how to have more meaningful connections has helped over 120,000 people understand why people don’t connect with potential clients or why they attract the wrong people in their lives.

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