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Ep 134: Setting 30-day GROWTH GOALS challenge



Growth is a part of our journey. We expect to grow and get better and evolve as we're pushing to make a bigger impact in the world. We want to touch more lives. We want to make sure that the things that we do with our present life have meanings, and that how we help others is meaningful. It means we have to grow in some way. So let's talk about growth, but having goals behind the growth that you want to achieve. So I've got a challenge in my head and I want to see how much I can grow and in a particular area, in the next 30 days, we're going to talk about setting a growth challenge for yourself.

In this episode, you'll learn...

  • What a growth goal is and what areas of life they can be applied to

  • How to think about the growth you want to have in the next 30 days

  • A path to hold yourself accountable for meeting your growth goals

These days when I get home from my 9-to-5, I am usually, well 1. tired, 2. hungry and 3. eager to work on my own stuff for my business, but also eager to see the girls and of course to see my husband as well. But more often than not, less time gets spent with my girls trying to get stuff done for my business. So the story kind of goes like this. When I get home, I walk in the house, the girls are usually already there and they're eating dinner and I'm walking to the kitchen. I see them and NILAH and Laurie especially are very much so like, "Hey mom, this is what happened. Guess what? This is what happened at school today." And that actually is, if I'm lucky, they will say that much. Otherwise, they'll be watching something on TV and barely paying attention to what I have to say. And then Naomi will pretty much be looking at me lovingly and smiling at me.

So either way, I'll usually stop by and try to chat it up with them for a little bit and then make my way upstairs, try to get myself a little bit of peace and sanity when I get in the house. Cause I've been around people all day and even though I may have been in my car alone, driving on the way back home, there's still something different about getting into your own personal space and having some alone time. So I tried to do a little bit of that as I'm doing my alone time. Generally one of the kids will come through to say a little bit more about what happened during their day or to tell me about something that happened, which I absolutely love and adore and I find myself kind of rushing past it. And it sounds really horrible to say out loud, but it's the reality. And I find myself kind of rushing past it in an attempt to get some stuff done that I needed to do for my business because in my mind if I don't get this stuff done for my business, when am I going to have time to do this? When I wake up in the morning, I'm going to have to go into work, you know, got to talk to the husband and gotta talk to the kids, got to get all this other stuff done. When am I gonna have time?

And so that's been a struggling thing for me is to find the right pockets of time and especially in defined, very good meaningful time during the week to spend with my girls. And when I say meaningful time, I'm talking about "give me a solid 30 minutes uninterrupted. And that interruption that I'm talking about is my own personal mind. So fighting with my own mind to say, "Wait, don't think about that right now. Be present at the moment with the girl's not a care in the world." So that's an area that I would like to have because I understand that my pushing forward on this bigger impact journey and all the things that I want to go forward and do, my kids, are a big part of it. Having more time to spend with them, to travel the world with them, to do all this is a big part of it and I want to start acting in the life that I wanted to have now.

So when I think about growth goals in the next 30 days for myself, I'm saying, "Hey, I want to be able to have at least 30 minutes every day of the week." So not just the weekend, every day of the week that's uninterrupted where I give that attention to the girls. I give all of me to the girls. That's a big growth goal for me. Now when we talk about growth goals overall, if you're thinking, "Well, what really is a growth goal and what does it apply to?" I mean, I just gave you an example of my relationship with my kids. I want to grow in that area. So that's a growth goal for me. You might have a growth goal in your business. Perhaps there are some very tactical things like you want to increase your email list or you want to grow sales of a certain program, things like that. You might just have some habits that you want to grow from or you want to grow into new habits. So when I talk about growth as not necessarily growth as it relates to building your business, its growth as it relates to race, relationships, habits, you name it. Anything that will help you be more successful in making your bigger impact.

So from a growth perspective, many areas of life that you can apply this to. Now when it comes to thinking about how exactly do you want to position this growth or thinking about, "Well, what makes sense for me in terms of what are the things that I should be chasing? What should I be trying to grow in?" I would challenge you to think about why you're on a journey to making a bigger impact. You feel you've got a calling, a purpose to work in, you want to be in a more fulfilling career and more fulfilling life, however you want to name it. Think about your why, what's making you want to do that? And when you look at that, why it's easy to say, "Okay, well what am I deficient in? Where do I need to grow along that path? "

So for me, as I think about that, wanting to control my time and spending more time with my kids and with my family, if I can't get that solid time today, I know I'm facing a deficiency there. And so that's why I've picked that time growth during the week as my area of need. Now it's very easy to set goals as I'm sure you know. And as I'm sure you've had plenty of goals that you've set and you had every intention in the world to reach for them but unfortunately you fell short of the mark. I know, it happened to me on a ton of occasions. I believe that accountability is a very important aspect of reaching your goals. And when I talk about accountability, it doesn't necessarily mean, "Oh, if I don't get somebody else to hold me accountable, I'll never achieve my goals."

Its nothing that should attack your pride. And when I say attack your pride, I mean don't ever feel so strong that I'm a self-starter. I can do it. I'm this, I'm that. I'm so strong, I can make my goals happen that you feel like help is not something that you need, that accountability support from someone else is not something that you need or that it's something that makes you feel weak. As I'll tell you right now, accountability does wonder. And so when it comes to accountability, when you figure out the growth goal that you want over the next 30 days, one of the accountability measures that I am going to take, and I'm taking it right now because I'm talking about it, is sharing my goal with others. So that's what I'm doing right now. I just went very vulnerable and told you my deficiency on the journey and being able to spend that uninterrupted time with my girls during the week and that I want to get just 30 minutes every day, uninterrupted, mentally present to be with my girls and listen to what they are saying. This is me saying my goal out loud.

So each one of you that are listening (or reading), whether I know you or don't know you, it's something to declare your intention out loud because when you look other people in the face, or in my case when people come up to me, either through the internet or perhaps someone I know that's listening to the podcast and they ask me how my goal is going, that does something right and now I have a pressure. I put it out there in the world. I want to live up to what I've said. So think about accountability for yourself and this can run the range of you just declaring your intention to your community of friends, at church or maybe it's some coworkers at your job or maybe it's on social media. And you've put a post out saying what you're going to do.

I encourage you to make your declaration for your goals to help you with that accountability piece cause it goes a super long way. So the challenge is now on! What growth goal? Pick one. There is so much power in just picking one. What growth goal do you want to attack over the next 30 days? Pick it. Make sure it's something that you can measure, you can clearly measure without a shadow of a doubt, whether you hit it or don't hit it and then make your declaration so you can get that accountability moving in action. And by the way, I want to hear what challenge you went with, what is the goal you picked? So either drop me an email,, shoot me a message on Instagram, or on any of the other social channels. I want to hear what you've picked. So I can also help support you and our community can help support you.

What growth goal do you want to attack over the next 30 days? (Click to tweet)

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