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Ep 131: Once a school teacher, now living a "BEAUTIFUL" entrepreneur life touring Bali and Italy



In this episode, you'll learn...

  • How one career can snowball into a series of careers that lead to your fulfilled place

  • How to stay curious and not get distracted

  • How to find "beauty" in the smallest of places

I'm a lover of the movie Eat, Pray, Love. In fact, I always picture the scene when Julia Roberts is sitting outside of a cafe, by herself in Italy, and being served picture-perfect pasta and wine. The camera does a 360 around her as if to capture every enjoyable bite, the breeze of the wind, and overall experience. That movie is exactly what comes to mind after getting to know my guest Carmen Darwin.

Carmen Darwin is a lifestyle designer and coach helping women who are ready to live their next chapter with more beauty, passion, and adventure. One of Carmen’s superpowers is helping women to take off those sensible shackles and FINALLY do all the BIG things they’ve always dreamt of doing and to create a life with more beauty, passion, and adventure.

We're talking about Carmen's entrepreneurial journey from school teach to lifestyle designers and adding "beauty" to your life overall!

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