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Ep 129: "Mom, we can work to get more money"

Updated: Oct 27, 2019



If you've ever seen a concept or behavior take place in your child that you were super proud of, you know what that feels like and looks like to just sit back and smile and probably even say the words, "She's got it! She's got it!" Well, that's exactly how I was feeling as it relates to my kids knowing and understanding entrepreneurship and starting to form their own money stories.

In this episode, you'll learn...

  • How what we do as parents could influence the entrepreneurial spirit of our kids'

  • Little phrases can give clues to the budding mindset of our children

  • How your kids can inspire the entrepreneur in you

I had tucked into a cute little owl change purse, the money that the girls had from the cupcakes that they sold recently. So at the church, they wanted to sell something and they settled on cupcakes. And so we had all the cupcakes put together and then one Sunday, they went and they sold them. And they were like $2 a cupcake. They had only made like a dozen because that was as much as I could tolerate from a baking perspective, no judgment. But they went and they sold out all their cupcakes.

So I had their money sitting in this change purse and the change purse was sitting on my table in my room. And I just remember NILAH coming into me one morning and saying, "Hey mom, we need to have some money for the Paw Sale " And I'm thinking, "Okay, this is great. Let's take some money from YOUR money as opposed to taking money from mom and dad. You want something from the Paw Sale, we'll go into your change first and get the money."

And so I went and got the change purse and I think there was like a $20 bill that was in there and then there was like a dollar and some change. And so all the girls needed some money and I didn't have enough coins inside of the change purse or there was something I said where I told her like, "Oh no, well we're not going to be able to use this." And NILAH said to me, "Mom, we can always work to get more money." And at that point, my heart smiled because look at my little young entrepreneurs.

As I am an entrepreneur, I'm pushing to do that full time. I want my children to take that sense of ownership over their time and their ability to do what they love and create income in whatever way they choose to and in very non-traditional ways. And so to hear her say that to me was like, Yes, it's working. And I realize that it may sound funny, but just in that statement, my child understands that,

1. There are no limits to income, to this thing we call money.

That's something that can easily be grabbed. And in fact, the attitude was so nonchalant that it was inspiring to me. You think about those phrases that we've heard, like "Money doesn't grow on trees", all this other stuff, which I have now taken out of my vocabulary because I do want my children to feel like that is something that they are able to obtain and it's within their control at any point in time that they want to get it, they can have it.

It's not a big deal. It's not a big thing. So if you're like me and you are raising young entrepreneurs or you want your children to have an entrepreneurial spirit about them, I really want to hear from you. I'm really wanting to talk to you about your stories and what's happening with your kids and, and how are you helping them to become entrepreneurs. I know one of the things for me is as I'm making the full-time entrepreneurship journey, I am very, very transparent with the things that I want my kids to see. That goes right down to doing the podcast and episodes or when I'm listening back to an episode to try to edit it or what have you that they're around.

And in fact, I recall, I think it was earlier this week or over this weekend that NILAH said to me, "Mom, how did you get a hundred episodes on the podcast? " I just told her like, "I just made them dear. Like I just did it."

The example that you lead in front of your children, they watch. And for me, that's so encouraging and it's so inspiring when I see some of those traits and I'm not sure that I can really take credit for everything. Even though everybody wants to be the Mom of the year or Father of the year, but still, when I see some of those traits come through, it is super, super inspiring.

And so if you've got little ones and you want them to embrace that entrepreneurial spirit, tell me how you're doing it. Drop me an email, Shoot me a direct message on Instagram @candacespears. Shoot me something on Twitter @candspears. I really want to hear about it and give you an opportunity to eat and get featured on the show. So let me know because our children are young entrepreneurs, that entrepreneurial spirit is important to our just ownership and knowing everything that is possible. So I hope you are as inspired as I was about NILAH's statement and I want to hear from you. So take this take action.


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