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Ep 122: Less Scary Family Health Insurance Options for Entrepreneurs



About this Episode:

One of my biggest concerns months ago, was how in the world would we be able to afford health insurance without it being like a mortgage payment in our monthly budget?

There was so much I'd heard about having health insurance when you're self-employed. And honestly, 90% of it was terrible. Most everything I heard had price points in the $700 - $1000 for a family. Yikes! Knowing we're a family of five, and today, everything is paid for through the employer, yes, paid was kind of frightening and quite frankly disheartening to think, that this could be a show stopper to my full-time plan.

One day, I was listening to a podcast, and she talked indirectly about a co-op plan that she uses to this day for the healthcare for her family. Immediately, I had a spark of hope, that this may be the answer, and sure enough, it gave me immense comfort, as I'd stumbled upon a secret sauce that would meet the needs of the family and be super affordable.


In this episode, you'll learn...

  • What are health care options beyond the healthcare exchange?

  • What one health insurance option was a winner for me, and eased the self-insured health insurance anxiety

  • When considering monthly premiums, what makes sense to choose and budget for?

  • What you can start doing now to take advantage of taxes and ease your health care costs?

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