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Ep 121: Chaperone the field trip or go to work? #mompreneur priority setting



About this Episode:

How many times during your corporate 9-to-5 career have you made a sacrifice for going to your kid's school event, to show up for a meeting? A meeting by the way which more often than not turned about to be an unfortunate waste of your time, or if you were lucky, was a crowning gem that you were proud of for the rest of your week. It happened to me more times than I can count. Being at one point supper ambitious about climbing the ladder, I put so-called important meetings ahead of more important school-related activities.

As I've been on the journey to full-time entrepreneurship, and in full recognition of what's really important in life, I've started acting now, like the mother I want to be and life I want to have now.

Since school has been back in, I've had my first opportunity to prove this new life that is so important to me. And that came with the infamous school chaperone opportunity. I have a kindergartner this year, and the trip to the pumkin patch presented me with an opportunity to say yes or no to somebody. My 9-to-5 or my little girl?

I choose my little girl, but it provided some important reflection and evaluation that helped get me excited for my full-time journey and helped me set expectations in my 9-to-5.


In this episode, you'll learn...

  • How to stop and reflect on where your priorities are and where you want them to be?

  • How to set expectations in your 9-to-5 that allow you to act on the priorities without guilt or flack from co-workers?

  • How to let your reflection energize you for your full-time journey



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