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Ep 120: Learn to ASK for the opportunities you want



About this Episode:

Sometimes what we want is just on the other side of us opening our mouths and actually asking for it. For example, when my podcast first launched, I went inside the family text message and asked the family to share the episode that was to come. Sure enough, share started rolling through.

There's someone that interacted with me on Facebook about an episode, and after some light back and forth conversation, I said to him, "since you found this episode so valuable, be sure to share it with others and make sure you subscribe." Within a minute I saw a notification that my post was shared and that I was mentioned in a comment. All from the same person I just "asked" minutes ago.

I'm sure you can think of a time when you've had the opportunity to ask, but maybe because of fear, humility, or not wanting to be bothersome, you decided to let the opportunity to ask for what you wanted, slip away. Well, let's say goodbye to missed opportunities. We'll talk about how you can feel empowered to "ask" using a simple formula I've created for myself.


In this episode, you'll learn...

  • The power of the "ask"

  • How to break through the fear of "asking"

  • How to ensure any rejection that comes your way is a guaranteed opportunity for a future next step


Check out:

Book | To Sell is Human. The Suprising Truth about Moving Others - Daniel Pink


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