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Ep 118: How much are you willing to pay for help?

Updated: Oct 23, 2019



About this Episode:

Time gets tight, we get stressed and sometimes reaching a breaking point. Question is how much stress do we want to endure before saying "ENOUGH...I better get some help in here."

In episode 118, I'm talking about where I saw my breaking points. Hey, building a business, being a mom, a wife, a leader in corporate America and the community is A LOT to deal with. I saw my tolerance levels decrease the more serious I became about leaping into full-time entrepreneurship.

I recall, one evening, staring at my calendar, facing three podcast interview back to back starting at 6:30 am, still knowing I needed to record an episode for that day, some preparation work I had to do for a meeting at work, and in the back of mind trying to get a reminder to help me remember the girls needed money for the school paw sale. For my sanity I needed help, and in this case, I needed to make better use of the help I had.

Getting help will be essential in your journey to full-time but what's your price to get there?


In this episode, you'll learn...

  • How to identify the breaking points before they happen

  • What forms of help could be valuable to you

  • How to find free help

  • Options for hiring help


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