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Ep 117: Discovering FILM-MAKING as a calling BEYOND the 9-to-5 [Interview w/Kamen Kuntchef]



About this Episode:

Knowing that you're called to do something larger than the 9 to 5 today, and acting in the calling every single day, that's Kamen Kuntchef's story. Falling into film making and providing a voice to other companies, and individuals that are spreading the gospel of Christ is the mission of his organization, True Vine Ministries.

Just as balancing work with building your business may be real for you right now, the same is true for him. As the founder, he understands the high and lows associating with building your company. As a part-time entrepreneur, the struggle of balancing a corporate 9-to-5 with supporting the passion of his company is real.

In this conversation, we dig into one of his attempts at previously leaving a corporate career to pursue an entirely different calling, and go all the way to how you understand that you're in the right calling.

As a woman of faith, one takeaway he left around God's place in your business, cemented a perspective I always knew I should hold, but perhaps didn't quite look at it in the right light. Having God in a prominent place in your business makes the difference to how you make this entrepreneurship journey.


In this episode, you'll learn...

  • How your 9-to-5 can prepare you for entrepreneurship

  • The critical role God plays in executing your calling

  • Ways that you can build connections to grow

  • The importance of sacrifice in your journey

  • Where to go to broaden your film making visibility if that's part of your journey.


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