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Conserving Mental Energy


"Packing the 9 to 5 bag" the entire month of April.

One of the things you'll need to pack in your suitcase is... "mental energy" Sis, trust me, you'll need every bit of it as you make your employee to entrepreneur transition, so we'll talk about what you can do to conserve it and keep moving towards your goal.

Guess what? I created a training to help you get from drained-out corporate employee to a thriving businesswoman, and I'm giving it to you free. Register for an upcoming webinar at See you there.

Watch us live every Thursday at 6:00 pm CST on our Facebook Community: Escape Corporate, Snatch Freedom, and Build Legacy.

Are you a woman in corporate America ready to take ownership of her time and talent, but not yet a member of the E.S.B. (Escape Corporate, Snatch Freedom, and Build Legacy) Facebook Community?

Join us and click the link below.

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