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Building a financial foundation with premium pricing


Building a financial foundation with premium pricing

Premium pricing is not something to run away from. It is absolutely something to embrace.

When it comes to selling something, whatever it is. I want you to recognize that it takes you just as much energy to sell a $50 product as it does to sell a $5,000 offer.

What it's really about what they value and solving the problem.

So I've got this $3,000 coaching offer. I've got this $97 one-off one-to-one coaching session, which one is likely to have a deeper transformation for your client?

Is it the “one-off coaching session” where they come to you and you help them break through and solve all these problems. And now they're all off on their own to implement and work through it and hold themselves accountable.

Or is it the “$3,000 offer” where they likely not only have their guidance, but have their accountability that are able to come back for support and maybe needed to adjust different approach.

I want you to understand that it's not a selfishness play, yes, it is a easier path for you to build that foundation at a premium price, but it is also better for your clients to get the results that they're really after. Not only good for you, but good for your clients.

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