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Adding a service to your product based business


Adding a service to your product-based business

We're talking about adding a service to a product-based business.

There are a lot of you that have product-based businesses or are thinking about product-based businesses as your path out your path forward.

Let's talk about the pros and the cons when it comes to a product-based business.

So one of the pros, of course, is that you can infinitely scale up a product-based business. If you have the right system in place, you can scale it up nicely.

Now the one con to a product-based business, especially when you're first starting, it is what it takes to get started.

So let's say you've got this product-based business though. You love it at your heart. Maybe even if it's doing well. So with your product-based business, one of the things that you can do is begin to say, okay what if I added in a service? What would that look like?

When you think about leveraging a service with a product, here are some things you might want to think about.

Question one, you can ask yourself is why do people buy this product? What problem is it solving? So start there. And when you think about the problem that it's solving, what other problems does my target client encounter on the way, to buying my product or what problems does my target client encounter? Once they have my product or what problems does my target client encounter after they've got a hold of my products.

Those are the things that you can think about when you start thinking about what service could you offer to really amp up and accelerate your exit for the product-based business.

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