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257: Doing less to gain more: Your brand, your health your business



It's not enough to have a brand if it doesn't yield fruit from your labor. It's not enough to run a successful business if your health is in shambles. All these things work together to get us to a place of domination as entrepreneurs, and my guest on the show, fellow entrepreneur, AJ Adams, knows this to be true.

In this episode, we'll talk about...

  • How "pretty" can get you into trouble when you're in build mode

  • The pitfalls in personal branding

  • What is warranted when you make a transition into full-time entrepreneurship

  • The role health plays in getting results in your business

Broke janitor to CEO and personal brand strategist to multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, celebrities, and $100M brands, AJ Adams is proof of the power of branding and marketing. Speaker and host of the Brand Domination show, AJ and I are digging in deeper around traveling the entrepreneurial journey and having your personal brand in tow.





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