ATTENTION: For Those who are serious about making a #biggerImpact and taking their career or Biz to the next level...
ATTENTION: For Those who are serious about making a #biggerImpact and taking their career or Biz to the next level...
from career boredom to freedom and fulfillment in 3 months
WHAT'S INSIDE: How I made a complete career switch to chase excitement, ignoring the "required experience." (You really can't miss this one...)
If you're ready for career change I can help you...
Step #1:
Re-invent yourself
Who you are today is a collection of experiences and talent that with the right perspective can be shaped in many forms to achieve your desires.
Step #2:
Define your brand offer
What wins hearts, minds, and business is being authentic in what you choose to be consistently known for, and what you can bring to the table as an employee or an entrepreneur.
Step #3:
Get fulfilled and paid
Love, purpose, passion and fulfillment belong together. Identifying and creating opportunities to get paid, spend your time in the most impactful way, and leave your mark is a must.
Hey there! I'm Candace:
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Resumes and experience alone are DEAD: How to build a brand and fast-track your career.
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Whether you choose to work as an employee or an entrepreneur, your brand matters and can take you to the destination of choice much faster that words on a piece of paper. Believe me! Been there...done let's go.
I know a thing or two about successful career change...
Scaled four multi-billion dollar corporations across technology and marketing
Founded two companies...
Arllou Catering & Events, LLC
Spears Sparrow Collective

What people are saying...
"She has a keen eye for which features will drive the most value with the least amount of effort. Her ability to visualize the long term market strategy early on was a huge help."  -Justin B., Minnesota
- Ebony F., Indiana
I'm ready to teach if you're ready to learn!
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