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Attention! We are hosting an exclusive workshop just for Finding Freedom™️ Business Accelerator clients on Tuesday, August 31 called Hiring your "Executive Assistant To Create Business Leverage" You will need to enroll ASAP to attend live! The deadline to apply and enroll to attend this one-time, client only live workshop is Friday, August 27 at 11:59 PM CST

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You want to go full-time with your side business, stop doing so much for so little.

We help corporate women turn a side hustle into resignation day by offering ONE high end service


Does any of this sound like


You currently run a side business you LOVE and believe in but it's not yet bringing in enough clients and dollars for you to walk away from the steady corporate paycheck and work for yourself full-time.


You walked away from corporate already but have been freelancing with odd jobs, calling it a business feeling like you may have to go back to corporate if the dollars don't appear


You've tried lots of different businesses but deep down none of them were aligned with what you really thought you were meant to do and so you started and stopped, started and stopped.


You're getting mentally drained and it's taking a toll on your health to remain in your current job but your current side business won't support you, and you feel like there's a different business calling altogether.

If any of these profiles have you saying "is she watching me?!?!?" then keep reading you're in the right place 😉

9 years ago, I started my first business…

I was itching to get out of corporate.


It was a catering and events business. I had successfully sold to thousands via festivals, private parties, and even a wedding.


But after 2 years, let it go...I wasn’t really passionate about it, more like just planning a way out...and I knew I loved food and creating experiences.


So I ended up re-focusing on corporate life and climbing the ladder at the fortune 500 company I was working for.


But heartstrings kept telling me I was called for more.


The only problem...being called for more, and seeing how it would really be possible as a full-time entrepreneur...felt like 2 different things.


I was the consistent income earner in my household, all insurances through me, and my husband and I had 3 young children, one of which had special needs.

So...this dream of doing my own thing…”what was realistic?” is what I thought.


That thought had me return to delay a couple more years, and decide well maybe I could just be an “intrapreneur” and bring that entrepreneurial spirit to the company.


It worked, and I was massively successful except…


I felt like a bird with clipped wings.


And of all the clippings I experienced throughout my time corporate, there was one that was the deepest and made me decide that enough is enough.


That’s when my feelings of constraint and limitation became by biggest catalyst...

I asked myself, “if success was something I created inside of someone's company...I’m the key asset... why wouldn’t I be able to confidently do that for myself?”


And so I did.


I gave myself a 12-month resignation timeframe, set out testing, learning, doing to discover what I wanted, what would work, and where the impact I wanted to make and my expertise aligned.


I resigned from my 6 figure corporate job in 11 months, 1 month earlier than the original goal, with paying clients and a life plan that removed the stress of how everything would be taken care of.


I had entered the land of freedom and limitless possibility as a full-time entrepreneur.


I wondered why I hadn’t done it sooner.


And here’s the kicker, those paying clients, came in towards the end of my term after I had wasted so much time, without guidance, trying to figure out what to do, what will work….from blogs, to career coaching, to becoming an influencer.

For the first time I’m sharing my game-changing strategies for creating a resignation-worthy business without carrying anxiety about how you’ll handle life as a full-time entrepreneur.

You probably are already feeling called to go full-time but just don’t quite know how to realistically answer the call.

You've tried everything to generate more income. From courses, to you tube videos, to network marketing hustles to maybe even joining a program, or hiring a coach, but STILL you don't have a clear, confident line of sight to resignation day.

And so...

Right now you believe that you have to pay down your debt, build up your savings, and prepare for a "one small step at a time" business grind road ahead before a life of full-time entrepreneurship could ever really be possible for you.

I’m here to tell you…


There is a way to pinpoint your resignation date, take action and grow an impactful business without "what if" life anxieties.


It is through creating a life-sustaining income pathway versus penny-pinching and selling everything under the sun to prepare for a leap with no net.

The process itself is simple to execute once you learn it.


Imagine what it will feel like when you are...

…in complete CONTROL of how you spend your time, what you create, and your income is flowing without LIMIT...

All while reducing your personal insecurities about being “good enough, capable, deserving” of your freedom and success.

...creating MORE income in LESS WORKING time.

All while actually enjoying the people (your clients) you CHOOSE to work with

in love with the fact that you are getting paid every bit of what you are WORTH and DESERVE.

All while clients RAVE about the transformations you have helped them create.

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Finding Freedom combines course, group and 1:1 coaching for the ultimate hand-holding and tribal feeling experience in building your resignation worthy service business


I’ve held these secrets close over the last 2 years…
About how I’ve been able to…

✔️  Design a high-end offer to generate $40k for the equivalent of 20 hours of consulting work.


✔️  Release anxiety and step into an attainable plan for insurance and financials as a full-time entrepreneur


✔️  Create $500+ per client monthly recurring agency revenue impact to income pathway in 30 days.


✔️  Accelerate my exit through strategic and affordable hires for my biz while I still worked in corporate America.


✔️  Go from constrained talent to monetized talent abundance with the Finding Freedom system

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Access to the 12-Month Finding Freedom Business Accelerator & Curriculum

This program is very intentionally designed to be a 12-month container, as it will allow us to create your premium-priced service based (coaching, consulting, or done for you services) business offer (or optimize your existing offer), design fulfillment, build your marketing ecosystem and launch to begin revenue generation. This gives us time to make adjustments to your offer, launch your sales funnels, and optimize everything!


Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Candace and Coaching Team

Every other week, we have high-level coaching calls together. This is where we will discuss strategy, overcome challenges, go deep into developing your full-time entrepreneur mindset and fix any issues in your offer, execution, business model, sales, or funnel.

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Weekly Critique & Review of Your Work

Each week, you will submit your work for feedback and critique. This is where we zoom in on your business, look at the assets you’re creating and give you feedback on everything from your offer creation, to your content pieces, conversations with potential dream clients, ad setup, fulfillment structure and more. This is how you get our eyes on your business directly. We give you action-ready, expert feedback on your strategy, offer structure, messaging, sales progress, tech setup, and more.

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Private Client-Only FB Group

Connect with other members of this exclusive program. Surround yourself with high-achieving women invested in building their business, impact, and leaving their corporate success behind for entrepreneurial power. Ask questions and get support in our Private Group. You’ll get to join the ranks, network with other female entrepreneurs across industries, and see the inner workings of an employee to entrepreneur transition.

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Our entire curriculum, templates, and done for you resources vault:

Full access to the entirety of the curriculum, power-packed videos, downloads, resources, tools, and templates for full-time entrepreneurial success inside your member portal. Includes access to 50+ hand-crafted and curated assets, from brand positioning briefs, business offer playbooks, client onboarding materials, sales process systems, scripts, hiring your first assistant, and more.

What's included in the Finding Freedom Life Infused Business Accelerator:


Here’s what we’ll do together in the Finding Freedom Business Accelerator…

  • Create the mindset shifts that allow you to begin to THINK and ACT like SUCCESS is INEVITABLE as a full-time entrepreneur

  • Design a HIGH-END service-based offer GUARANTEED to someone who needs able to pay for it...that can provide desired life-sustaining cash flow.

  • Create a unique, DROOL WORTHY presence and positioning that DOMINATES your market and RESONATES LOUDLY with your dream clients.

  • Set you up to feed a consistent supply of value to dream prospects making them excited about BUYING from YOU every time you post on social media.

  • Launch a revenue-generating system to support making your first $5k - $10k+ RAPIDLY in your offer and develop a sales process that WORKS to repeat it again and again.

  • Create a business ASSET that you can turn on/off to consistently attract leads to your doorstep and automatically nurture them into taking a next step action with you.

  • Ensure you are covered LEGALLY can handle TAXES, INSURANCE, plan for GROWTH and bring up some of the pretty, non-revenue things we’ll make you wait to do.

Stage 1:

Bold Boss Mindset & Execution Speed Makeover


Stage Objective: During this stage,  you’ll shift into a mindset that allows you to embrace the realities of full-time entrepreneurship, and create dedicated space in your calendar to move with speed and a “testing” attitude while executing on everything required for your business.


Target Result: You begin to THINK and ACT like SUCCESS is INEVITABLE as a full-time entrepreneur


  • Get Grounded: Mindset of a Full-Time Entrepreneur

  • Identify and Reframe Your Entrepreneurship & Money Stories

  • Uncover the REAL Impact You Want to Make 

  • Write Your Ultimate Impact Statement

  • Prepare to Test AND Learn AND Execute with SPEED

  • Set Your Resignation Date

Stage 2:

Stage Objective: During this stage, you’ll create your business offer for products, services, or a combination that can be sold for $3,000 or more then semi-validate it with real research calls.


Target Result: Have something GUARANTEED to someone who needs able to pay for it...that can provide desired cash flow.


  • Get Impact to Offer Clarity w/Real World Hacks

  • Get Grounded: Creating a "Killer Offer" Starts with "who"

  • Determine Your Dream Client & Niche

  • Get Grounded: Align your Offer With Your Dream Life

  • Plan Your “Killer Offer” 

  • Get Grounded: Offer FIRST...Fulfillment Second (Always Pre-Sell)

  • Design Fulfillment of Your Offer

  • How to Get Prospects For Research Calls

  • Conduct & Record Insights for 3-5 Research Calls.


Product/Service Offer Creation Intensive

Stage 3:

Branding Bootcamp


Stage Objective: During this stage, you’ll create a minimally branded presence that allows you to close business with dream clients and be positioned as their ideal solution.

Target Result: So that you have a unique, DROOL WORTHY presence and positioning that DOMINATES your market and RESONATES LOUDLY with your dream clients.


  • Create Your Brand Position

  • Outline Your Brand Assets That Matter for $$$ NOW

  • Design Your Brand Asset Suite

  • Makeover Your Social Profiles

Stage 4:

Stage Objective: During this stage, you’ll create the foundational marketing ecosystem with a core lead magnet and content framework to effortlessly generate an ongoing monthly content schedule beginning with a completed next 60 days to attract and nurture prospects. 


Target Result: You feed a supply of value to dream prospects making them excited about BUYING from YOU every time you post on social media.


  • Outline Your Lead Magnet

  • Design Your Lead Magnet

  • Pick your Core Content Medium 

  • Develop Your Content Categories & Content Plan

  • Create Your Call To Action Bank


Content That Converts Conditioning

Stage 5:


Revenue Generation Retreat: Organic & Outbound

Stage Objective: During this stage, you’ll generate revenue in your business through organic or semi-organic selling and prospecting.


Target Result: Focus on making $5k - $10k QUICKLY in your new offer and develop a sales process that WORKS to repeat again and again


  • Get Grounded: Getting Clients 101

  • Get Grounded: Lead Gen & Prospecting

  • Create Your Just C.H.A.T. Script

  • Design Your Prospecting Strategy

  • Build Your First 100 Prospects List

  • Get Grounded: Sales...You Have a Prospect, Now What?

  • Prepare Your Selling & Prospecting Tools

  • Map Out Your Organic Sales Process

  • Get Your Mindset in Check! “You are Serving”

  • Revenue Generation Launch! Go Initiate Your First 100 Conversations (Cycle 1-5)

Stage Objective: During this stage, you’ll create a sales process system that attracts prospects and allows you to let your systems warm them up to take a next step with you.


Target Result:  A business ASSET that you can turn on/off to consistently attract leads to your doorstep and automatically nurture them into taking a next step action with you.


  • Choose Your Automated Sales Process System

  • Outline Your Key Assets

  • Create Your Funnel Assets

  • Connect and Test Your Funnel

  • Choose Your Traffic Source

  • Launch Your Funnel: 100 Leads Through The funnel


Revenue Generation Retreat: The Automated Funnel

Stage 5-B:

Stage 6:


Business Finishing School

Stage Objective: During the stage you’ll create your business legal foundations and big picture plan.


Target Result: Ensure you are covered LEGALLY can handle TAXES, INSURANCE, plan for GROWTH and bring up some of the pretty, non-revenue things we made you wait to do ;)


  • Establish Your Business Big Picture With The Business Model Canvas

  • Setup Your Business Legally

  • Complete Your Business “Money” Checklist

  • Plan for Insurance

  • Do a Life Check

  • Update Your Resignation Date

  • OPTIONAL: Setup Your Simple Website



Growing Your Service Business with a Facebook Group


Hire help NOW: Hiring an assistant and making your first uplevel


Leads in ABUNDANCE: Facebook Ads

 for Killer ROI


Andrea S.

It's been a great opportunity to be in this program [Finding Freedom™️ Business Accelerator] and just have a structured way to grow myself and my business and kind of have a group around me for that support.


My high point was being able to sell and confirm my premium offer with a real client. And that felt really great to finally find my ideal dream client.

Untitled design (1).png

Kisha R.

I decided to join Finding Freedom™️ Business Accelerator because Candace has proven that she has been able to manage multiple businesses while supporting her family and helping women as myself create successful strategies to exit corporate America and find financial freedom while living and working in a field that they're passionate about.


Tisha W.

Just by going through [Finding Freedom™️ Business Accelerator]. I learned new tactics. You're prepping yourself to be an entrepreneurial business owner, but that doesn't mean that while you're here at your nine to five, you aren't a boss or a business owner.


I will say that it was well worth the investment because you're investing in yourself. I'm happy with my investment.

Finding Freedom™️ is for you whether you have previously or are actively working a side business and working to make the leap OR have already took the leap but struggling to see the business perform at the level that keeps you from stepping back into corporate.


"I have a side business but it's product-based and I want it to be the business I go all in on"

Our specialization is in high-end service businesses. One opportunity you have is to add in a high end service with the products you already sell..and guess what even better, you have a nice warm audience of people who have bought from you that can be leveraged.

“I currently have a side business in motion but it's not generating the income and maybe even the fulfillment I desire to make the leap.”

That's not uncommon, and one advantage you have is coming in already having tried things in your business, and the data you've accumulated is priceless. It allows us to make informed pivots to create an arms wide open (for a hug ;)) offer that puts you on a revenue-sustaining pathway to turn the side hustle into the main hustle or pivot altogether if you desire.

"I’ve had a business before but let it go and now I’m starting again from the ground up."

So you're no stranger to the work required to build a business. That's fantastic! That means you can come into Finding Freedom, ready to take a path with speed, and key decision making on the core business and life decision components that leap you into full-time entrepreneur life. Our implementation together you'll find exciting because this time around, there's no building your business alone.

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We are blazing the trail for high achieving corporate women to seize control of their brilliance, and build  “I was meant for THIS” businesses and you’re invited to join us.

Be the independent success you've admired before you watch another story go by. The story of the courageous woman who dared to bring her vision to life and remove the artificial ceilings corporate America imposed and make an impact bigger that anyone thought was even possible.

The sooner you raise up your business to the level you feel worthy of, the sooner you can change not only your emotional and financial well-being, but also the lives of others who are just waiting to get an offer from someone like you that can help them in mind-blowing ways!


What would it mean for you to say goodbye to corporate hope of return, because you've developed an independent, fulfilling, life-sustaining income source and freedom ticket with your business?

We are currently accepting applications for women who want to take their businesses and snatch control of their time, talent and identity with all roads confidently leading to and sustaining full-time entrepreneurship with a high-end service

 ...and without the worry and stress of consistent clients, an affordable lifestyle, "good enough" mental blocks using our power-packed system for enabling both business and life growth and control simultaneously.

If you're ready to stop wasting time in frustration with corporate America and let loose the brilliance and value you have to offer into an impactful and irresistible high-end service business that YOU OWN so that FREEDOM is no longer optional...

Anchor 1

Let's do the math: how much is it costing you to continue to keep your brilliance and calling trapped in corporate America?

You’re making thousands if not millions of dollars for someone else’s corporation while seeing only a fraction of it in your paycheck. How would it feel to focus your time and have those dollars rolling into a company you own?

And if you charge at least $3k for your business offer, how many clients do you need to serve in order for this to be worthwhile to you? You just need to bring on 3 - 4 clients to pay yourself back...


If the process that got you 3-4 clients is repeatable (a little is) what would that mean to the limitlessness and freedom you're after?


If you don't have a clear path to resignation day with a business that excites you, you are literally missing out on the opportunity to serve those that need you and provide service to yourself and your family in the form of freedom to be, act, do, on your own terms.

Let me show you how to master exiting corporate America confidently with the only system design specifically to account for the life and business of a high achieving corporate woman desiring to step into full-time entrepreneurship from a place of impact, fulfillment, financial well-being, and confidence with the


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Walk away from corporate America confidently and transform into a full-time entrepreneur generating life-sustaining income from a service business you were born to build.

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