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  • What's the difference between your program and someone else's?
    Two things. First, I created a plan and made a successful exit from Corporate America (6-figure role), while being the main breadwinner in my home and with three young children. When exiting corporate there are lots of factors to consider, and things to know. That's a road I've traveled, and with much to risk on the it must have been a darn good plan. Second. I leverage the same method I've coached in multi-billion dollar corporations, tailored to starting up a business, and it's that method that allowed me to start a marketing agency, and get my first recurring revenue client in 30 days. Speed and agility are at the program core, no cookie cutter aproaches...we validate our actions with real world results to get your business going and get your first client under your belt.
  • I've tried other programs and didn't get results how do I know this will work?
    I'm teaching you the same thing I applied to my ownself to exit corporate, start my businesses, and have the freedom to do what I choose. Also, there's a conditional money back gurantee so if you come in and don't like what you experience you can get your money back. If you're going to learn from someone, learn from someone's experience and not just thoughts they come up with.
  • How long will it take for me to put in my resignation notice?
    That's a personal decision but not an emotional one. And there are multiple was to get to resignation day. In this program we focus on the facts and plans to help you arrive at that date as quickly as possible.
  • Is this for people just starting out or will this help me build my growing business?
    The program is laid out in a fashion that not only a beginner will understand but additionally, with the methods we utilize, and the importance of the life plan component, anyone that has a business currently will find great benefit.
  • How long did it take you to make the leap?
    I set a 12 month plan in motion, and completed it in 11 months. The majority of that time was spent trying to figure out what I wanted to do, finding my voice, capability, mission. This program aims to shortcut the process for you.
  • I'm scared to make this decision
    I get it. I was exactly where you are. My first coach asked me for 5k and it felt like I was making a super scary move but it got me focused on doing the activities that actually mattered to stand my business so my leap plan could stay on track and I could get the wins neccessary to go even further. It's always scary at first because our brains tell us that we fear the unknown and because we don't know what may happen.
  • I can't afford this program is there anything you can do for me?
    Yes, we can create payment options to support you reaching your goals.
  • Do I need a following?
    No, you don't. It's all about knowing how to get leads on demand and leveraging that. Followers do not automatically equate to dollars.
  • Can I pay you after I make my money back?
    No. If you can't bet on yourself, I wouldn't bet on you either. Success is achievable for anyone but it does come with sacrifice. If I allowed that I would be doing you a great disservice.
  • I don't have any experience and don't know what my niche is.
    That's ok. We'll help anyone start from scratch.
  • How much money do I need on ads?
    None at all actually. You can start making money in your business without a single dollar in ad spend.
  • Will I need to pay extra for licenses or certifications?
    Not at all. We focous on levaraging the richness of your experiences and brilliance as your credibility.
  • What if I need to ask someone for permission?
    It's always best to ask for forgiveness than permission. Take the leap and notify them later. If you have to ask for permission from someone to be successful you will stay stuck. I am married to an entrepreneur and we both live by this philosophy.
  • I'm scared I won't be able to get my clients results.
    As long as you know you have something to offer people and can demonstrate its value then you should have no problem whatsoever helping others. Everything is scray at the beginning, but after you get your feet wet you'll find this crazy thought will leave you.
  • Do I have to be good at sales?
    Not necessarily. I walk you through how to become a sales natural along with scripts, recorded audio files and examples.
  • How can I position myself as an expert without case studies?
    Everyone starts from zero, even me. As long as you can demonstrate value, be relatable, and have a passion when you speak, people will follow you. The biggest thing is making sure you demonstrate those things and not simply a wall of client results.


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